World Poker Club — the most popular social Poker game

Join World Poker Club and take part in tournaments; earn more chips to win; get bonuses and be a dealer

Fans of card games, who are also active users of social networks, are certainly familiar with the World Poker Club app. This is a game simulator. The total number of registered users of the Club reaches 40 million. It differs from traditional Poker rooms with the “currency” – gamers play for chips.

This is the most popular social poker in the USA! Round after round, knock opponents out of the game, proving that you are the best in Shoot Out tournaments! Win in weekly and Sit-n-Go tournaments at Hold’em and Omaha gaming tables! Make new friends, become a dealer, join the VIP elite club, make collections, get presents and daily bonuses. So you can play in casino online real money.

Convenient interfaces, as well as a unique feature of controlling the game with gestures, are available in World Poker Club app. The random number generator and the distribution algorithm of the cards have been rigorously tested and certified. This is a guarantee of fair play for everyone.

World Poker Club features

World Poker Club, which you can join after you install the game apk file to your Android or log in through social nets, have a bunch of features that distinguish it from other casinos and Poker rooms.

World Poker Club game gives each player an opportunity to try themselves in the role of a dealer, and whatnot.

Be a dealer

The first feature of the World Poker Club is that the player is given the opportunity to become a dealer and earn chips on it. The rules are as follows — the dealer (1st place) takes 3% of winnings, or 2%, and 1.5% if they take 2nd or 3rd places.

But remember, to become a dealer you need a fee, therefore, you have to earn or buy it. If you are going to continue to play, invest money in the game and later, you will get more profits.

Special Tournaments

The second feature that distinguishes this project from many similar online poker games is the Sunday tournament. There, you can earn chips, respects to become a dealer and coins.

One gold coin is equal to 1000 chips or two respects. Strive to participate in tournaments, which will give the gamer weight and respect in the Club.

Prizes for tournaments

Its third feature is that there you have a good chance of winning great prizes during the Sunday tournament. The player, who currently occupies a high place in the ranking, can take part in this tournament.

So, the task of the World Poker Club (WPC) member is to raise the rating, look for a strong hand and get ready for a serious game. High bets are exciting here.

Mobile version

You can download World Poker Club app and play this card game anytime. Play Texas Holdem, the most popular World Poker Club, for example.

Besides, you can log in your social nets using your phone or a tablet and join WPC group to follow the news of the Club, get the invitations to the tournaments, learn about new promotions and bonuses that can be available for you as well.

Bonuses and advantages — can you cheat?

As soon as it is an online game, some players try to use cheats and hacks to get more chips and respects.

Unfortunately, these are illegal ways. You can fail or get a virus if you install some suspicious program. You should better use legal ways to get bonuses, chips, and respects.

Getting bonuses — legal ways

Here are the legal and easy ways to get “respects” and bonuses, earn chips and win in the game.

  1. Become a dealer. To do this, you need to collect a certain number of respects, you can buy them for real money, get from other players, earn as bonuses. The dealer has advantages in comparison with the ordinary participants — they get a few interests from the bank with each distribution;
  2. Look for all sorts of bonuses offered in World Poker Club. You can get them for each purchase, for the daily visit, for the winning series, for tournaments: gifts are given for all these things;
  3. Take part in special games (lotteries): you can win millions of chips;
  4. Participate in weekly tournaments. With the proper approach and competent strategy, it is really possible to take a prize here and become the owner of generous gifts and bonuses.

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