Real money poker as a profitable game that can lead to a professional career

Real money poker will never lose its popularity among all the casino players. Both newbies and professionals have always been trying their best to get maximum advantages from this famous game. And that is really understandable because playing online poker real money can be not just a profitable hobby, but lead to a professional career and even substitute the main job. Playing at different limits: from freerolls to cash games and high roller tournaments, online poker players earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the names of the most successful players are well known even outside the poker community. Of course, not every player wants to become a pro in this field, some just want to play for fun and to get some adrenaline. In both cases, it’s really important to understand the main rules and tactics.


Best poker apps to play for real money on your iPhone

Playing online poker games for real money is very convenient and fun. That is why many poker rooms have released applications that can be downloaded directly to your iPhone. The mobile version of the poker room helps players to spend their time on the road or in a huge line, during the travels or just while relaxing on the sofa at home. To download the app of real money poker on your phone is very easy, but sometimes it can be problematic if you try to download it for example in the country where poker is not legal. So, in all the cases there are three ways to get poker on your iPhone:

  1. App Store. Find the application through search and install it;
  2. Official website. Find through the search, follow the link, or scan the QR code;
  3. iTunes. Open iTunes on your computer, find the App Store in it, then launch the application and download it. Connect iPhone to your computer via USB or Wi-Fi and install the room on it via the “Programs” menu.

Just one thing you need to remember is to always download the apps from the official source and to not open any strange links, because often they can lead to data theft and many other problems with your mobile device.

As for the apps, you can check out some of the best ones in the list below:

  • PokerStars;
  • PartyPoker;
  • GGPokerOK;
  • 888Poker;
  • Bet365Poker;
  • GreySnow Poker;
  • Unibet Poker.

All of them are the most popular for today and can make your time unforgettable, full of adrenaline and entertainment.

How to win real money playing poker on your phone

A lot of new players often get curious if it is possible to win real money while playing poker on the mobile device. Practice shows that it is absolutely possible if you follow all the rules and understand the principle of the game. The first thing to understand is that if you play at a level lower than most of your opponents, you can never beat them. Of course, you can win a single hand because of your intuition and luck, but in the end, if you play for a long time, you may lose a lot. To win real money most of the time, you need to learn a good poker strategy.

The size of the win mostly depends on how often you play and at what rates. There is a big difference between making money at cash tables and in tournaments. While playing at cash tables it is possible to get a stable profit but it can be much less than taking part in poker tournaments. There you don’t have a limit in earning money and can get some really big winnings, but at the same time, it is not as stable as at cash tables. The most important is to learn all the time, improve your skills, watch how some best professionals play and what tricks they use, try to control emotions, and continue practicing.

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