Poker Tracker 4: how to use the application

Those players that are interested in improving their skills in Poker or simply learn this card game should download Poker Tracker 4 software. They will be given a month free trial to understand if the application works for them.

With Poker tracker Holdem manager, they can become professional card games players, the gamblers, who earn for life in online and offline casinos, which deal with different types of Poker, including live games and slots of the best Poker sites.

How to get Poker Tracker?

All, who are interested in getting the best Poker Tracker app, should download Poker Tracker 4. It will be a free version first. Using this opportunity, players have time to understand if they are ready to deal with it further, or it does not give them as much as they were eager to get.

To get this Tracker, they should download the file and install the application. There will be offered for them to pick a Mac or a Windows version. With its help, the player will get fast access to the Poker rooms and sites.

How to start using the Tracker

To start using Poker Tracker free, the users should run the application and pick the version of the game — Omaha or Texas Holdem one month trial. Without a registration code (it is needed in the full version), some of the features here will be not available.

Be aware of the installation of additional PostgreSQL on your laptop. It is free and virus-free database engine that is needed to let the Tracker work correctly.

Features of the application

When you install this Poker app, you will get heat maps — popups that will be attached to the profile of HUD and they show hands in the range. They visualize Preflop rangers of the gamers. They illustrate the game process in a special table so that the player understands all the process better and takes the right decisions when playing further. Heat Maps are very useful, and this is one of the best features of this application. Besides, the Tracker has some more features:

  • Graphs;
  • Report;
  • Auto Notes;
  • Charts showing Money flow;
  • ICM Results in Replayer;
  • HUDs;
  • Themes, etc.
  • 888 Poker;
  • Merge Network;
  • Party Poker;
  • Winamax;
  • Ignition;
  • GTECH 62, etc.
  • The table (10, 9, 6 or 2 seats);
  • The defaults offered by the program.

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