Poker tables for the USA casinos: pros and cons.

Today, when Poker has returned its former fame and more people started to play it thanks to online casinos, Poker tables created only for this game are in great demand. Although professional Poker tables are very expensive, not only land gambling clubs buy them. Certainly, mostly they are ordered by the owners of virtual live and classic casinos.

However, even fans of this intellectual game gamble, win money and spend them for this stuff to be able to arrange Poker parties at home. All kinds of Poker can be played by these tables as they have specific features. They can be round, oval and have other special shapes. Some of them are folded. In case, you are not going to get something of this sort, the best Poker tables are waiting for you in live casinos.

Poker tables for all kinds of the game

During the times of gambling business “Renaissance”, tables for Poker with the places for a dealer and sections for chips could be found in any gambling club. After the introduction of restrictions on gambling, people began to buy this stuff for private use and play at home.

All models of tables can be divided into classic and round or multi-faceted. The choice depends on the availability of space for the table and the number of players. The Poker table is also foldable, which makes it possible to place it in a small room. Traditionally, tables for Poker are divided into classic (original) and lightweight portable ones.

Original tables’ advantages

The massive design of the table used in the base is a thick MDF plate or real wood, which gives the structure solidity. These units are chosen to elite Monaco and Las Vegas casinos and to the virtual Poker rooms and Clubs with the highest ration.

These units have always built-in ashtrays and cup holders in a special wooden frame, which in turn can be put a glass, without dirtying cloth. Legs of classic wooden heavy tables for Poker have graceful shape. You can always see there original stuff that can indicate that this table is constructed definitely for Poker: green cloth, special sectors, etc.

Disadvantages of original tables

Despite all of these pros, mentioned above, they have a number of cons. These are the following things:

  • Great weight and size: it takes 3-4 people to lift Poker tables and place them in the right place. It will not fit into narrow passages, for example, it will be very difficult to lift it on the deck of a ship, and sometimes it is impossible at all. It cannot fit into the usual elevator of a residential house;
  • The rental price of such tables (if some institution rents it) is higher since the installation is more labor-intensive;
  • It is difficult to maintain it in a decent way.

The advantages of lightweight tables

Lightweight tables can be afforded by any lover of card games — they are cheap, although they do not look as cool as the professional ones. These units have the following advantages:

  • They are not heavy — loading and unloading is easy;
  • Since the installation is simple, the price is lower;
  • It is quite simple to update the cloth and vinyl that the board is covered with. It will also be not expensive to change it for the new one.

Disadvantages of lightweight tables

The following minuses are not loved by professional Poker players and high-reputed casinos:

  • These Poker tables look “cheap”, there are no ashtrays and lacquered wooden parts on the table (they often put glasses on cloth and make stains);
  • They are made of a thinner MDF board; there are no stiffeners, which can give such solidity of the whole structure.

It goes without saying that elite casinos and the best-rated Poker rooms and clubs get only professional classic tables. They serve them for years. Thousand (if not millions like in Vegas) players use them, and nothing happens to this special furniture.

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