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rooms is one of the most popular card games in the world and the rules of poker are generally easy to learn. Unfortunately, many websites and poker guides do not understand how to explain the rules in a beginner-friendly way for players who do not know much about the technical terms of the game and who have not yet had any experience in poker live holdem.

Distinctive Features Of Live Poker Online

Why is cash preferred by most players? There are many benefits and extras here. Let’s consider its main characteristics:

  • Play live poker online anytime;
  • Freedom in the time of the game;
  • The choice of opponents;
  • Fast profits;
  • Basic cash poker strategies.

Live Poker Games: tournament strategy

Big stack strategy. Usually, this tactic is chosen by the most experienced opponents who play at high stakes. The bottom line is to play at a table with a lot of money. In this case, you can get a fairly large profit at the end of the game period.

Short stack stategy

It is often used in cash poker games and has basic rules:

  • You only need to enter the table with 20 big blinds (short stack).
  • We only play with the highest cards, with the strongest poker hands.
  • From all the actions at the table, choose either Fold or All-in.

It is this tactic that eliminates difficult decisions. Even a beginner can use it. However, the strategy can only be applied in a live game. Nowadays, the online strategy of cash poker with a short stack is not used, since many poker rooms do not allow taking the amount of 20 minimum bets to the table. Because of this, many players gradually had to abandon this tactic.

It can be used in a modified version, taking only the minimum allowed amount into the cash game with you. In this case, you can sometimes replace all-in with a large raise.

Medium stack strategy

This strategy of playing cash poker is considered the “golden mean” between the principle of short and large stacks. Any player can start with this poker strategy and gradually work up the limits. Here the main decisions come at the pre-flop and flop stages. The average stack can be taken to the table according to the rules of any poker room or offline game. About 90% of all players prefer this tactic.

How to play live poker online correctly when choosing an average stack for the game:

  • The standard stack size is 40-50 big blinds. You need to start with small limits so that the stack size does not impact your overall bankroll.
  • If you raise, it must be equal to the 3 minimum blinds. If several opponents equalized the bet before us, then we add one more blind for each of them. For example, if 3 opponents call in front of us, we are obliged to put 6 minimum bets.
  • After any raise from your opponent, you need to go all-in with good top cards.
  • With an average pocket hand, you should fold to any reraise from your opponent.

Who is the mid-stack tactic for?

It is recommended to use the above strategy of playing cash poker if you want to:

  1. Go to a multi-table cash tournament to increase your profits.
  2. Grow your limits, increase your bankroll, and make poker a profitable source of income.
  3. The medium stack strategy is very convenient for players of all levels. You just need to study the table of starting hands, general rules of action, and bring it to automatism. You can start playing with this strategy from 50-100 dollars and increase your profit to several thousand.

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