Full House poker game as a rare but important and powerful combination

The five-card Full House in a poker game is one of the four strongest hands, although its reliability is not still proven. This is because of the peculiarities of its construction! It is very important for a player to learn how to play poker and to understand what a Full House means in poker and how to play it correctly in different game situations.

Full House in a poker game, its main rules and probability

Full House in poker is the most versatile and strong combination that allows you to win in the vast majority of hands. Full House is the third oldest poker hand. It usually consists of three cards of one rank and two cards of another rank for example 8♠ 8♦ 8♥ 7♦ 7♣. Such a sequence of cards makes this combination really interesting to play.

full house poker

The main role in the process of the determination the winner, if several players have collected a Full House in poker, belongs to a three of a kind. The winner is decided by its seniority. When a three of a kind is the same or consists of board cards, a pair comes into play. The one who will be older takes the bank. If a full house was made from the board’s cards, and the players’ pocket cards are not able to change the alignment, the bank shares with all the other players. There are no kicker cards in this case.

To make a Full House poker hand, usually, you need to have both hole cards, for example:

  1. Full on different pocket cards;
  2. Full with a pocket pair;
  3. The entire full house on the board.

As for the probability, Full House is a rare hand. The chance of getting a ready combination on the flop if you have pocket pair is 1%. And if the pocket cards are of different rank, then 0.1%. But if you catch a set on the flop, then you can reach to a full house in every third hand.

To win with a Full House combination is not that easy but possible. So, if you want to take the most from the game, you need to keep in mind the simple tips which are presented below:

  • Don’t start to escalate before putting together the whole combination;
  • Make standard moves and don’t show your aggression;
  • Always calculate the odds of your opponents.

And remember the more you will control your emotions, the better results you will get.

Does a Flush beat a Full House in poker?

The new players may often get confused because of the big amount of combinations in poker. One thing is to remember what each of the combinations means and another one is to understand what beats what. Also, every newbie is getting curious about which is older, flush or full house? On the one hand there are five cards of the same suit, and this the combination seems quite strong. On the other hand, a pair and a set are also a very rare combination.

However, a Full House is a rarer hand than a Flush, and that is the main reason of why A Full House is higher combination and beats a Flush.

In all the cases, it’s very important to get enough practice. The more you play poker, the more you start to understand the rules of the game and how all the combinations work.

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